Are there different types of editing?

Yes. There are four main types of editing:
- Developmental editing focuses on the larger aspects of a manuscript, such as plot, characterisation, and structure.
- Line editing focuses on the clarity, fluidity, consistency, and readability of a manuscript at a paragraph and sentence level. It makes sure an author’s language conveys its intended meaning in the best way.
- Copy editing focuses on the technical aspects of language, such as spelling, grammar, and syntax. It makes sure a manuscript adheres to a standard form of English.
- Proofreading is usually the final stage before publication. It focuses on catching any errors or inconsistencies which might have slipped through previous edits. It does not make or suggest large alterations to a text.  

Do you provide a contract?

Yes. I supply a contract for every edit, and I do not start work on a manuscript until I have a contract signed by both parties on file.

What languages do you edit?

I edit American and British English manuscripts. American English will refer to the Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster. British English will refer to Hart’s New Rules (Oxford Style) and the Oxford English Dictionary.

How much follow-up do you allow?

All quotes include two hours of follow-up work via email for free. More time can be factored in if required.

How does follow-up time work? How is it calculated?

How it works:
Follow-up time is yours to use how you want. If you have questions after you have received the completed edit, want something clarified, want to discuss anything, or want me to glance over the odd sentence or paragraph you’ve reworked, you just send me an email. There’s no obligation to use the follow-up time if you don’t need or want to. You also don’t have to use the two hours all at once.

How it is calculated:
To explain it as simply as possible, every time I spend time on something related to a manuscript, I keep a record of the time it takes to respond. Small talk or general emails are not included in follow-up time. I will also forewarn an author if they are nearing the limit of their free two hours.  

Do you offer any discounts?

I offer discounts to repeat clients and for referring a friend. Full terms and conditions of these offers can be found HERE.

I occasionally run offers/sales for a limited time. The best way to find out about these is to check HERE or follow me on Facebook or Instagram.  

What are your prices?

For line editing, I generate quotes based on a free sample edit because every manuscript is different and requires different work. By generating individual quotes, I can tailor my prices to your needs so you only pay for the work you require.

For proofreading, I charge a flat rate of £0.004 per word.

Do you offer payment plans? 

I am open to discussions about payment plans. However, please note that should a payment plan be agreed, the completed manuscript will not be returned until the payment plan is paid in full.

What should I include in my initial email to you?

1. Type of edit you’re interested in. If you don’t know, be honest. I’m happy to help you figure it out.
2. Genre.
3. Word count of the full manuscript.
4. Publishing schedule (if you have one).
5. Blurb/title (optional).⠀
6. Any questions.  

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