I’m a freelance editor with 10+ years of experience in publishing, an eye for detail, and a passion for helping authors improve their craft. I have worked with traditionally and independently published authors, international bestsellers, award winners, and first-time authors. My main goal is to work alongside authors to develop their vision and voice so their manuscripts can shine and present the best version of themselves.

As an international bestselling author, I can offer a unique perspective as an editor because I’ve been in your position. I understand the publishing process from all angles, and I’m happy to share the wide breadth of knowledge I’ve acquired. I know how hard it can be to find an editor you connect with, and how daunting it is to trust someone with your work and wait for their feedback. I also know the hours involved with creating a book and how much emotion is invested in the product. That is why I promise my feedback will always be constructive, and I will work alongside you and offer suggestions to develop your voice. Through this, I hope to establish long-lasting relationships with my clients. I love seeing authors succeed, and I will shout about your book from the rooftops when it’s published (maybe not literally since I’m a bit of an introvert, but I will share it everywhere possible).

I graduated with first-class honours, and my studies for my BA (Hons) in Arts and Humanities (English Language and History) taught me the technical aspects of language as well as how English is evolving. Therefore, I combine prescriptive and descriptive approaches in my editing to enhance and develop manuscripts so they adhere to the rules but also maintain an author’s style. Moreover, my years of experience as a beta reader, book reviewer, and graphic designer have allowed me to acquire a significant amount of knowledge about the industry and marketplace so I am aware of market trends, genre specifics, and what makes a captivating read. I have also acquired a keen eye for detail by beta reading for multiple authors and reviewing at least 2,000 books while working with traditional publishers (HarperCollins, Harlequin, Penguin, Skyscape, etc.), independent publishers, and numerous indie authors.

Having worked in so many departments of publishing, I appreciate the importance of schedules, deadlines, and constant communication. Therefore, I am committed to making myself available to my clients for questions, discussions, or advice whenever they need it.

I would love to help you develop your book so it represents your vision and shows off your skills as an author to the best of its ability. I offer a reliable and high-quality service, so why not request a quote or a free sample to see how we can work together?



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